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In this blog post, I am going to show you five ways to discover your talent. Everybody was created with a talent.I have talents.You have talents .Whatever the case, everybody has one talent or more

People always ask this question: How can I discover or know what my exact talents are.The most important thing is that your talents are hidden inside of you.


Talents are seeds. Seeds are first planted in the soil.They are then nurtured and watered so that they can grow well.The planted seeds will be nurtured for a time for it to become a full grown tree .It is only when the seed has become a fully grown tree that it can bear fruit.

A picture showing a mans talent moulding

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through five ways to discover your talent

IT took me years to discover and practice What I will write in this post.

Each of us comes into this world with unique talents. The truth is that each of us has a specific purpose for being here.

The hidden talents we have,is also specific to that purpose.

Just as seeds are different, talents are also different.

These 5 ways to discover your talent ,can be used by anyone with any kind of talent.

2. Ask Your Creator. Best way to discover your talent

When I discovered that I could use my talent to create a good life for myself, I did not immediately realize ,that the best and fastest way to know what my core talent was ,was to ask the God that created me. .

This is the very first practical way of the five ways to discover your talent.

If I had done this earlier in my life,I would have saved myself years of trial and error..

Create time during your quite moments with God ,and just ASK.Have an exercise book  or a notepad with you during this time.

Write down everything that comes to your mind during these quite moments.Every information that comes to your mind is very important.


As you go through life,you will find yourself drawn to certain activities and doing things with minimal effort. Therein lies the key to identifying your gifts.

Sit back, take a sheath of paper, and try to remember what you dreamed of becoming as a child.Make sure you write down everything that comes to mind.


What do you like doing as an adult that gets you excited enough to keep on doing it and lose track of time?Think about what you enjoy. The things that make you happy can also reveal your talents. And also help you discover your talent.

Think about the things that you love to do. Do people ever give you compliments on it? Do they ever ask for your help with it? You might not think of it as a talent but it probably is

Do you ever completely lose track of time? You start doing something, and you just don’t even notice time passing? This might hint at your talent.

For example, you could sit down the whole day just writing a story .You will not even realize that you have been sitting for the whole day.

What is that thing that, once you start it,you can’t wait to get up the next morning and continue with it?

4. Discover your talents by listenning to discurtions you have with your friends.

What kind of discussions do you have with your friends and family?.what kind of topics gets you so excited that you can take about it for hours without getting tired or overwhelmed.This is is one of the best of the 5 ways to discover your talent

5. Ask your family and friends about your strengths.

Sometimes there are things we love doing that we think is our gifts.

It is possible to love a particular thing but not be able to do it.

For example, I love listening to wonderful, cool music.But I dont know how to sing.!

In this kind of situation, it can be difficult to distinguish between what you love and what your talent is.



In this kind of situation, it will be very helpful to ask your friends and family for help.

You could ask them to tell you what your strengths are and what they see as your weaknesses.

According to Courtney Romano of Lifehack Asking your friends what your best and worst qualities are. is that they will be brutally honest with you.

There you have it.My 5 ways to help you discover your talent

.If you have tried any other way that has helped you, please feel free to drop your comments below.

If you have tried these five ways and they have worked well for you, you could also drop your comments below.


Hi I am Enorita .A  professional medical laboratory scientist  and a Google Certified Digital Marketer with a passion for blogging and sewing.My greatest desire is to show you how to discover your talent,how to aquire necessary  digital skills and become financially free.Having a profession is great. But it is your talent that will bring you before kings.If that is your desire ,then let me teach you how to become an online entrepreneur.

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