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If you Google this question “what is digital marketing “,A lot of answers will be presented to you.This blog post is all about DIGITAL MARKETING;A BEGINNERS GUIDE.

When I was quite young, my dad advertised his business in a newspaper and television to get customers.

He said no matter how wonderful your office is, if people do not come to you, you might as well close it down.

Advertising started way back in the eighteenth Century According to Wikipedia .

Digital Marketing is presenting your service or products to people that  need  it. It is presenting products or services to the right people through electronic means .

Electronic means could be radio television or Internet. 

That is why I say that digital marketing has been around for some time. like way over 100 years back. 

The introduction of the internet however has made digital marketing the subject on everybody’s lips.This has brought about an information overload in this subject area. This can however be quite overwhelming for a beginner.

Most times the first question on the lips of new bloggers or online business owners is-


After setting up you website, and learning sub skills,learning digital marketing is the next step.

 When I first started my online business, My greatest question was how to learn digital marketing.That was the beginning of my dilemma.I came across so many continents on digital marketing.

There were millions of free and paid courses online.

It took me months to sort out important points from so much information.

As an online entrepreneur  however,all you need to know is the summary of digital marketing.I will not want you to go through all the stress I went through.

I put together a simple digital marketing course just for you.


Digital marketing can be done both online and offline. That  makes it a very wide topic. It took me months to study and understand all the aspects of digital marketing.

You can decide to go through the same route I took. Or you can decide to take a look at the simple COURSE I put together “ summary of digital marketing for the beginner “

If you decide to  search for the courses ,here are some good places to start .You will likely find something from one of these places. 

Hubspot academy 

Google garage


Buffer Academy

Bare in mind  however that the length of time it will take you to learn depends on what you want to use it for 

This brings us to the next question-


the six most important areas of digital marketing include but not limited to

 content marketing 

search engine optimization 

search engine marketing 

social media marketing

 email marketing 

affiliate marketing 

As an online entrepreneur  you will either Market services or sell products . For both ,you need content. It is how good you can describe your service that will make people look for you.

It is how well and simple you can describe the benefits of your products that will make people buy it .


entrepreneurial success.

Having just a Good well written content on your blog is not enough . You need to write content that is SEO optimized. 

That is a term that is thrown around a lot in the internet these days. 

Really understand this ,I simplified SEO in my “summary of digital marketing for beginners” course . There is a lot of information on SEO content writing online. But it takes time for you to really understand it.

.You can save yourself a lot of time by taking advantage of my course.

SEO and SEM walk hand-in-hand. These two activities are very important for Success online .

SEO and SEM can be confusing to grasp. Especially for people that are new to online buisiness.

Let me try to simplify it as much as possible.

SEO and SEM are two different concepts all together when it comes to online advertising

It is very important as a new enterpreneur or a new beginner on internet business to be able to understand and distinguish the two .

SEO is increasing the number of website visitors to your site by doing certain activities in your website to optimize it to be found by search engines

SEM on the other hand is internet marketing that increases a website’s visibility.

Could be  through organic search engine results(SEO) and advertising like  social media marketing(  SMM) and pay per click advertising (PPC   ) 

According to Wikipedia, SEM is a form of internet marketing that  promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result Pages (SERPS) through optimization and advertising


Everything today is going digital more people spend their time online. According to a Pew research study ,75% of American adults go online at least once a day. 

This percentage however is constantly going upwards .

 If you enter a bus, train ,or flight, 90% of the customers will either be concentrating on their phone , iPad or  computers .About 7.7billion people use the internet across the world .

what does that tell you ?

It simply means that your customers are online ! Every good enterpreneur starts a business to add to people’s lives and also make money.

 if that is your goal as an enterpreneur then digital marketing is vital to the growth of your online business.

 To get people to find you and what you have to offer ,you need to make yourself available online to be found. 

Bare in mind that you are probably not the only person in your area of business .Many of your competitors have already taken advantage of what digital marketing has to offer .

Of all the skills you need to run an online business ,digital marketing is about the most important in the list. 

Ignoring digital marketing is like leaving a lot of potential customers to your competitors.

Knowledge of digital marketing especially SEO and SEM helps you have an equal playing field with huge corporations.

A big company cannot buy their way to the top of Google ranking

they have to SEO optimize their website just like you have to.  

The  more you understand digital marketing the more Competitive Edge you have.


This section of digital marketing helps you present your products to the exact people that need it .

You can do proper audience segmentation based on the demographics you are interested in. 

If you are not familiar with the concept not to worry.Here is a free e-book that will really explain this.

when you segment your audience you will know which social media channels your exact audience Hangout .

This will help you get much better results in your marketing campaign .That’s because you will be presenting your products to the exact people that need it 


Inability to know if your marketing efforts is producing positive results can be very frustrating. Monitoring removes this frustration.

 With marketing monitoring experience, you can easily track and monitor your campaigns.

 This you can do with analytics software .Most social media channels have their own analytics. Google analytics however is super to use.

Knowledge of how to use Google analytics is very important .It helps you see at first glance which marketing campaigns are yielding results 

you can see metrics such as Impressions, klicks  likes  shares  comments  and conversions .

This helps you know exactly what to spend money on to improve your marketing campaigns


This is one of the best aspects of digital marketing. E

verybody opens their mails some everyday. Some at least twice a week. 

The bottom line is that people open their mails .Can you imagine your sales success  if you can get the right marketing campaign to the right emails ?. Can you imagine being able to send 300 to 2,000 emails a day? 

Can you imagine how your business will explode if only 50 people from that list buy your products everyday? The most awesome fact is that doing this will not cost you an arm or a leg !

Email marketing is one of the highest ROIs of all other digital marketing techniques 

If you don’t know much about email marketing then you should check out what it is in my digital marketing course .


Do you want your business to grow and reach New Heights? Then learning digital marketing techniques is the key to explode your business. Your comments and questions are highly welcomed.


HiI am Enorita .A  professional medical laboratory scientist  and a Google Certified Digital Marketer with a passion for blogging and sewing.My greatest desire is to show you how to discover your talent,how to aquire necessary  digital skills and become financially free.Having a profession is great. But it is your talent that will bring you before kings.If that is your desire ,then let me teach you how to become an online entrepreneur.

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